Minor Repairs

With our qualifications and experience, we can conduct minor repairs to your home or commercial property before we decorate to allow for a flawless and smooth application. We can help repair any minor faults to property walls, as well as small carpentry repairs. For larger jobs, we can also arrange for carpenters to help with the project.

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Project Management

Big or small, we will project manage from our first discussion to completing the last touches. If the repair job requires some extra hands, you can rest assured that we will continue to manage your project all the way through.

Wall Repairs

If your walls have minor cracks, we can help fix the issue. We are happy to carry out minor repair jobs before any decorating work is conducted. We have experience in making sure a wall or surface is up to par before decorating as it helps to ensure the best result. Painting over cracks can sometimes make them look more prominent, therefore repairing them will help to eliminate any signs of them and increases visual appearance.

We can also perform minor render and tyrolean roughcast repairs. The external walls are the frontline defence for your home, so not only do they hold the building, but they always prevent the elements from penetrating through your home. Render repairs are highly important to prevent serious flaws from developing. We can repair your renders at competitive prices. If the issue is more significant, we can call in specialist contractors to complete the repair before we begin decorating.

Interior Repairs

We can conduct a range of interior repairs including patch repairs and small carpentry work. If the damage is more profound than expected, we will call in trusted carpenters to complete the repair.

Also, if you require us to paint your windows or doors but you have been noticing a slight draught, then fear not, we can perform minor repairs by sealing the areas around it. This will make it easier all around as painting the surface after sealing helps to protect the sealant from deterioration.

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